Yesss. :3 Usually I just leave it at Mums, but I decided to take it with me this time. uvu

Also, while yesterdays entry is still recent- I did some thinking, and I realized its been probably more alone the lines of eight months rather than nine, aha. //close enough face//

I havent gotten much drawing done lately. D: I want to draw some stuff, I just dont know what to draw, ahaha. //shot

I owe an art trade on dA though, so Ill probably get something done soon. ^^

Today was also my English teachers last day at school until next year! owo We watched a movie and had popcorn and cake! X3 The movie we watched was The Odd Life Of Timothy Green. -w- I saw some of it last year in class, but we never got to finish it. 030 I really liked it thoughhh.

Id write more here for today, but Dad thinks he might need the internet later on to do some work, so I have to get off early tonight. ;o; 

Ill try to get more written here tomorrow! ewe 

Good night guys! ^^